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Top Kitchen and Bath Design Color Schemes

A kitchen or bath design requires a careful balance between functionality and aesthetics, where the two combine to create spaces that enhance your daily life. Beyond the utilitarian aspects, these spaces are at the heart of our homes—a place to gather with family and friends, and to create memories with loved ones. As you set out to reimagine these key spaces in your home, the design choices you make go beyond just choosing materials and fixtures. They also shape the atmosphere that defines your home life.

For kitchen and bath design, color is a key element of your style aesthetic that ties together the multifunctional nature of these spaces and links them into surrounding rooms. While whites and neutrals are always popular choices for kitchens and baths, the potential colors for these spaces extend well beyond those classic options. The palette you choose, from the cabinets and countertops to the smallest details like cabinet hardware and accessories, creates a beautiful and functional backdrop for your daily life.

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Our latest blog aims to guide you through the world of kitchen and bath design color schemes. Don’t be afraid to introduce vibrant tones that express your personal style. Likewise, if timeless neutrals are your preferred option, go for it and add depth to your design by layering textures or adding a pop of color in accessories. Whether you go for a more subtle color accent or bold color options, make sure your choices align with your unique taste and the character of your home.

We will walk you through some of the top choices for kitchen and bath design color schemes, from the latest trends to classics that have endured the test of time. Let our blog help to inspire you and guide you in creating a color scheme that not only captivates the eye but also integrates into your home and lifestyle.

Classic White

White is a classic choice for kitchens and bathrooms and it’s easy to see why. It gives these spaces a crisp, clean look and never goes out of style. When used on quality wood cabinetry, textured tile designs, and veined countertops, white is far from boring or clinical. It pairs well with any design style and works with a wide variety of accessories such as cabinet hardware and light fixtures in a range of materials and finishes. White also comes in a range of shades from cool tones to warmer tones so choose a variant that fits your design vibe.

You could add a dramatic accent to a white kitchen design, for example, by choose a countertop material with dramatic veining that brings a bold accent to the space. Or change up your white subway tile backsplash by using a dark grout color that makes the tile design really stand out. White goes with any accent color, so go subtle with gray accessories, or create a bold statement with a bright accent color.

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Black and White

Black cabinetry is a sophisticated choice for kitchen and bath design but works even better when paired with white elements such as a white countertop and backsplash tile. This two-tone approach keeps the dark cabinet finish from overpowering your space, balancing the black with a bright accent.

Black cabinetry pairs beautifully with a range of cabinet hardware choices that can coordinate with your lighting and plumbing fixtures or stand out on their own in a different material and finish. Best of all you can easily update hardware over time to give your black cabinetry a fresh style.

Another option to achieve this black-and-white color scheme is to go for a two-tone cabinet design but with black and white cabinetry. Pair black base cabinets with white upper cabinets or go for all-white on the perimeter of your kitchen layout with a black island or even a black beverage bar to create a design focal point.

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Natural Wood

Influences of nature are very popular in kitchen and bath design as they give these key living spaces an earthy, grounded feel. You can bring natural elements into your space through the materials you include such as stone tile and live edge wood shelves. Another way to introduce natural elements is by incorporating plants in your kitchen or bath or even a living wall in the kitchen design, such as an indoor, vertical herb garden.

Your color scheme can also reflect your love of nature by going for a natural wood tone in anything from cabinetry to flooring, shelves, and more. Choose high-quality wood kitchen cabinets, and instead of a painted finish go for a light stain that lets the wood grain of your cabinetry shine through. Natural wood tones complement any style kitchen or bath design but work especially well in simple cabinet styles such as Shaker or modern slab doors, where the focus is on quality materials and construction techniques.

Earth Tones

Another way to introduce a natural influence into your home design is by going for warm, earthy tones in shades inspired by nature. These colors create a cozy, inviting atmosphere for any space in your home. Red tones are a popular choice for today’s kitchen designs, but instead of primary tones go for shades with undertones of orange for a look that is striking but welcoming. Brown tones also work very well in painted or stained cabinetry, especially balanced by lighter colors for the countertop and backsplash. Warm beige shades are another grounded color scheme that brings a more subtle natural feel to your home.

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Blues and Greens

Blues and greens have been evident in kitchen and bath design trends for some time, but this year’s color schemes move toward tones that echo nature and bring a feeling of peace to your room. Sage green is a popular choice, that works well as an alternative neutral color scheme. It pairs well with a variety of countertop, tile, and flooring choices to create a cohesive design style. Other organic green tones like olive work very well in a kitchen design, also evoking a natural feel for your space. Or make a statement with a bold shade like the custom retro green paint color shown below.

Blue shades bring the calm feeling of the ocean or the vibrant tones of a bright blue sky. They create a striking style when paired with white countertops and tile, giving your space a crisp feel. Or pair blue with wood tones such as a wood countertop or shelves to give it a natural, grounded feel. Darker blue shades are still popular too and add a touch of luxury to any kitchen or bath design. Alternatively, go for a brighter or lighter shade like teal or dusty blue.

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White isn’t the only top neutral tone that is popular for kitchen and bath design color schemes. Cream, gray, and greige are also ideal choices with a range of undertones that create a classic backdrop without feeling boring.  Pair them with warm accessories like wood accents or a pop of color like lemon yellow. Alternatively, layer textures within your neutral color palette to keep your design interesting. You can do this by including textured backsplash tile, with distressed cabinetry, or other natural materials. Accent your neutral color scheme with accessories, such as baskets for storage, wooden trays to hold a few decorative items, or a vase with flowers on the island countertop.

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This is still one of the most popular cabinet design trends as it allows you to combine two different cabinet tones to create a kitchen design with more depth and visual appeal. You could opt for two saturations of the same color for a more subtle visual effect, such as two shades of gray, two different stained wood tones, or white and natural wood. Or go for two contrasting colors to make your cabinet design really stand out. Select one of the darker colors such as black or navy blue and pair it with a section of white cabinetry to create a distinctive style.

The two-tone cabinet design can be achieved by using one shade for base cabinets and another for upper cabinets. Alternatively, use one color for your perimeter and the contrasting tone for your island cabinetry or for a section of cabinets such as a beverage bar. Another way to achieve the two-tone color scheme in a kitchen design is by using one color for all of your kitchen cabinets and a different color for your countertops, backsplash, and other features. This works really well with a deep contrast, such as black, dark blue, or deep green paired with white.

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With so many options available for kitchen and bath design color schemes, you are sure to find the perfect one to enhance your home’s style. Start by browsing styles online or visit a full-service kitchen and bath design showroom where you can see examples first-hand.

Find colors that fit your home and personal style. Consider how you use your spaces and go for colors that create the perfect atmosphere for your home and family life. Since kitchens and baths are more than just functional spaces, you want to select colors that create a welcoming environment for daily family life and for entertaining friends. Once you have chosen your base color palette, you can then select accessories that give your design character.

Let our experienced team help you get started on your next kitchen or bathroom remodel. We can help you find the perfect layout, materials, and color scheme to create the home living spaces you always wanted. Contact us today to get started!

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