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Frequently Asked Questions

Find advice and answers from our team of experts for your next project!

Yes, we charge a design fee for full room remodels. Our team of experienced designers dedicate a great deal of time and thought to ensuring that all materials are thoughtfully selected, industry guidelines are met, and your space is fully functional. The amount varies according to the type, size, and complexity of the project; simple updates such as a flooring installation or tile backsplash may not require a design fee.
Of course! It needs to be determined first that we are a good fit for your project. We offer free consultations in order to assess your needs, develop an initial plan, and discuss your budget.
We offer a wide range of materials for purchase at competitive pricing, from a full set of cabinets to DIY-friendly flooring options. Our staff is always on hand to discuss your project and make recommendations.
Give us a call or drop by our 7000 sq ft showroom! You can also reach us via email or message us on Facebook.
Depending on the amount of time we have during the first consultation, we will either offer general ideas and information or discuss your project in detail. If you are ready to get started, it is recommended that you make an appointment so that we can reserve time according to your needs.
The more information we have the better! Rough measurements, photos of your space, and “wish” photos are all helpful.
You do not need an appointment to browse through the showroom during regular business hours but calling in advance would guarantee that one of our designers is available to assist you.
We have a talented team of designers to help you develop a layout that is functional and aesthetically pleasing. Your designer will be with you from start to finish and will be in close communication with project management once construction begins.
GKBP is a unique one-stop shop. We are a fully licensed contracting firm, so we can handle your entire project from planning to design to execution. Our material selection is also top-notch. We source our products from a vast array of distributors, so we can provide just about any material needed for your job.
Yes, we are a general contractor and offer home improvement services of all kinds, including installation of your own materials.

Financing is available through HFS Home Improvement Loans. For more information, contact our office or visit www.hfsfin.com to complete the online application.

The cost of your project will depend on many factors, including the amount of labor required and the cost of materials selected. Once we have discussed your needs and budget, an estimate will be provided to help you determine how you would like to move forward.
We ask for a retainer after a design and budget plan has been presented and you feel comfortable partnering with us on your remodel. At that point, your designer will fine-tune until every detail of your design is just the way you want it. Once the scope of work and pricing have been finalized, we require a 50% deposit to get your project on the construction schedule and begin ordering materials.

? We understand that remodels can be pricey. Our designers are happy to suggest lower-cost alternatives to items that may push your project over budget. Remember – a remodel isn’t an expense, but an investment that you’ll live in and enjoy for years to come. Carefully consider your budget, as well as the compromises that you would be willing (or not willing) to make.

Remodeling your home will not be the easiest thing you’ve done, but it will be worth it! You will be living in a construction zone, so planning ahead is important. We do our best in scheduling, communicating, workmanship, and cleanup so that you are inconvenienced as little as possible and always kept in the loop.

We have accounts with numerous distributors and vendors that source materials from all over the world, and we pride ourselves on offering many options made here in Tennessee.
Mike Guthrie established Guthrie Kitchen & Bath Plus in 2012, after over 30 years of experience in the industry.
When permits and/or inspections are required on a job for which we are serving as the general contractor, we take care of everything to keep your project moving along smoothly.
? Yes, we are happy to provide you with local references upon request.
Once your project has been finalized and a contract has been signed, your project file is passed on to our ordering and review department, where material orders are placed, and your project moves out of planning and into progress! Your file will then go to project management, during which time you will receive information about scheduling and pre-construction meetings.
We have a full staff to address your needs from start to finish, including a project manager with whom you will communicate directly throughout the construction process. You will also have access to view the status of your job on our online scheduling database.
Our talented team of designers will help you in selecting materials while carefully considering your design aesthetic and budget. The experience gained from seeing successful (and unsuccessful!) installations allows us to guide you in the direction we feel will provide you with the best result.
Sometimes, a homeowner will change his or her mind, or want to add to a project after construction has begun. Our team works together to adapt to a changing scope or schedule, so that your project moves along with as little interruption as possible.
Before you sign your contract, we spend a great deal of time thinking though all aspects of your job to anticipate challenges and minimize scope changes. However, changes may still arise after your project has gone into construction. The first type of change is a necessary adjustment required to keep the project to code, that had only become apparent after the wall was opened. The second type of change is customer-driven, like upgrading your tile selection or changing your sink style. In both instances, a change order will be created.
If you choose to make changes or unforeseen conditions require a change to the original scope, you will be given a change order document that will include the new details of your project as well as pricing changes. Payment for change orders is generally due upon approval.
Depending on the scope of your project, you may be responsible for removing some personal items from the room or emptying cabinets. Your designer and project manager will meet with you in your home prior to demolition and will explain the construction process as well as any pre-construction requirements
Depending on the manufacturer, cabinetry takes anywhere from 3 to 8 weeks to arrive. Most other materials arrive in the same time frame, but some can be delivered in only a day or two. If you need something right away, ask us about our overstock inventory!
The length of the remodeling phase depends on the size and complexity of your job, but it typically takes six to eight weeks for a kitchen and four to six weeks for a large bathroom. Once your project details are determined, our team will provide you with an estimated project duration, but there are factors, such as unforeseen issues found after demolition, that can also impact the timeline. Our project manager will be in constant communication with you about the progress of your project once it reaches the construction phase.
We pride ourselves on our cleanliness. Our crews and tradespeople understand that they are on a construction site, but also in your home. We take time out at the end of each day to sweep up dust and debris, wipe down surfaces, and pick up small items that may have fallen to the floor. In addition, we provide plastic zip walls to contain debris, a high-quality air filter, and tools with vacuum attachments to keep you as comfortable as possible.
We know that you will love your new space once the project is complete! We provide a professional cleaning at the end of construction; everything will be “move-in” ready. We take extra precautions to protect the rest of your home as well, such as installing floor protection area and wrapping bannisters and other surfaces that may be vulnerable to scratches or dings. We vow to repair any incidental damage that may have been caused elsewhere on your property; at completion, your new space will be better than you ever imagined, and the rest of your home will be just as it was before we arrived.
Are your workers licensed and insured? Yes, and we can provide documentation for all required coverages upon request. Our employees and tradespeople are licensed and insured and have all passed background checks.
Construction work in your home typically occurs between 8-5 Monday through Friday. Any work happening outside of those days and hours will require your prior approval.
Before we begin your project, we will discuss your storage preferences. Small hand tools, along with scrap materials and trash, are typically removed from the jobsite daily.
Guthrie Kitchen & Bath is ultimately responsible for your job. Depending on the stage of your remodel, there may be several different tradespeople completing portions of your remodel according to their specialties. All our team members are in constant communication, and you may contact our project manager at any time with questions while your job is under construction.

We honor and facilitate all manufacturers’ warranties as permitted by their individual warranty specifications. We also offer a one-year labor warranty but will work with you if issues arise beyond that point.

We offer cabinets for purchase at several different price points. You may purchase cabinets with or without our design and installation services.
Absolutely – countertops are one of the easiest ways to instantly update your kitchen with minimal investment.
We are Guthrie Kitchen & Bath PLUS, and the “Plus” stands for everything we offer beyond kitchen and bath products.  We sell virtually any interior finishing product, even paint!
We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, and Amex. We also have financing options available through HFS Home Improvement Loans.