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Top 10 Kitchen and Bath Design Trends for 2023

Are you ready to reimagine your home’s style, storage, and functionality in 2023? Get inspired for your remodeling plans with the latest kitchen and bathroom design trends. Targeted storage solutions, natural influences, bold color choices, decorative lighting, spa style retreats, mixed metal accessories, and more are all popular choices for these key home living spaces. The latest trends seek to balance style and functionality in rooms that bring comfort and a personal touch to the home.



Storage is always essential to a well-planned and organized kitchen design. Customized storage solutions in the form of internal storage accessories, pullout, rollouts, and swing out corner shelves will continue to dominate kitchen cabinet designs.

Kitchen Cabinet Storage Pull Outs

Pantry storage is another game changer in a busy kitchen design. It can be incorporated into a section of cabinetry with custom pullouts to keep everything organized and visible. Or go for this year’s trend to include a butler’s pantry, which provides storage as well as additional space for small appliances and countertop workspace. This is an excellent addition to an open plan kitchen design, as it allows you to prep food for parties away from your serving and entertainment areas, or to easily clear away dirty dishes during an event.

2023 will also see an increased focus on drawers, drawers, and more drawers in lower cabinets. They glide out easily to expose their contents and allow you to store everything from food to dishes, small appliances and gadgets, pots and pans, and more.

Kitchen Storage Drawers


Backsplashes are evolving to become a key component of a kitchen design’s style. From a practical standpoint, the backsplash is a section of the wall that must be protected from moisture and food splatter. From a style point of view, the backsplash offers endless opportunities to define your room’s design aesthetic.

  • One of the top trends is to install a slab backsplash instead of tile. This allows you to create a sleek look that is also one of the easiest to clean and maintain. With no grout lines and in a durable material, you simply need to wipe the backsplash down to remove any splatters. Granite, marble, and quartz are popular choices for this backsplash style, and can create a truly fluid look for your kitchen when installed in the same material as the countertop.
  • Another eye-catching trend is to install a backsplash with a bold color, textured material, or a unique pattern. You could take the classic subway tile and transform it with an unusual configuration or color. Or go for one of the popular tile shapes, like petal, arabesque, or hexagons.
Kitchen With Herringbone Tile Backsplash

Color schemes:

While classic neutral color schemes will always work for kitchen designs, this year will see a continuation of more experimentation with color. Keep it simple and give your kitchen a timeless appeal by mixing natural wood cabinetry with a section of painted cabinets, or with a two-tone color scheme that mixes white and a bolder color choice.

Henson Kitchen Design Greenbrier 2_Web

Beverage bars:

Your home is your sanctuary, but it is also the center of family life and a space to entertain and socialize. This is why multifunctional kitchen designs are still so popular, as a carefully planned layout, storage, and seating allow you to go from food storage and prep to helping the kids with homework to hosting your book club with ease. Adding a beverage bar to this layout takes your kitchen design functionality to the next level by creating a designated space for all your favorite beverage supplies plus room to fix drinks.

Situate your beverage bar where it is accessible to guests and out of main cooking work zone. This way kids or guests can grab their own drinks while you are busy preparing food. Beverage bars can specialize if you have a favorite drink, such as a coffee bar or gin and tonic bar. Create display space for your favorite glasses or mugs, room to store all your drink supplies, and countertop space to prepare beverages.

2023 sees beverage bars take on their own style too, with bars painted in a contrasting tone. Add glass front cabinets or open storage to a beverage bar to create display space but also set apart your bar cabinetry from the rest of the kitchen cabinets.  

Glass Kitchen Design Nashville 10_Web

Hardware and Accessories:

Kitchen cabinet hardware and accessories are taking on a starring role in 2023’s top kitchen designs.

  • Rather than relying solely on recessed lighting, consider adding statement light fixtures that draw the eye and accent your style. Bold pendants, colorful shades, and modern chandeliers all transform a kitchen design.
  • Bolder choice for metal finishes is another trend defining today’s kitchens. In addition to the move toward matte black, brass, bronze, and gold join the more traditional understated finishes as popular options.
  • Better yet why limit yourself to one metal finish? Go with this year’s trend of mixing metal finishes to create a truly one-of-a-kind kitchen design style. Mixing metal finishes adds depth to a design.
Kitchen Design With Large Island And Chandelier


Materials and Textures:

Your bathroom design should be a relaxing, warm, and inviting space. You start and end the day here so create a room that is a haven within your home. One way to achieve this is by incorporating materials and textures that promote relaxation and well-being.

  • Incorporate organic materials into your bathroom design with stone tiles and sinks, wood vanities, wood shelves, and more. Consider including a pebble tile floor in your shower for the ultimate spa style luxury.
  • Add plants to your bathroom design to bring another element of nature to your space as well as a touch of color.
  • Rounded edges such as curved tubs or round edged vanities also promote a more organic flow in a bathroom design.
Bathroom With Furniture Style Vanity

Color Schemes:

Neutral color schemes are still a popular choice for bathroom designs as they are timeless and promote that soothing atmosphere many homeowners seek in a bathroom. However, there is a move away from all white bathrooms, instead focusing more on shades like cream, taupe, and wood tones. Earth tones are another option that contribute to making a bathroom design feel like a natural oasis in your busy home. Blues and greens are still featuring in bathrooms but are particularly popular in dusty shades in bath designs.

Vanity Cabinet With Tower Cabinets


 Bathrooms benefit from decorative light fixtures just like other rooms in your home. When creating a bathroom lighting scheme, you need to be aware of lighting levels, how your light interacts with the vanity cabinet and mirror, and how to avoid shadows or glare. Task lighting for a busy bathroom is often best fulfilled with a backlit mirror or mirrored medicine cabinet.

There is, however, scope to include decorative light fixtures that can both provide light where you need it and accent your room’s design style. Pendants, sconces, and chandeliers can all fit this requirement by adding color, pattern, or texture to a bath design. They can also highlight a particular feature in your bathroom, for example by adding a decorative pendant over a freestanding tub.

Spa Style:

If improving wellbeing is top of your list of priorities for 2023, there’s no better way to achieve this goal than by transforming your master bath design into a spa style retreat. Focus on your priorities, so if you love a soak in the tub don’t skimp on this element of your design, or if you prefer a long, steamy shower then install a large shower with custom tile and a built-in bench. If space allows, ideally include both components so you have plenty of options for relaxation!

Create a soothing atmosphere with a calming color scheme, natural materials, and plenty of storage that allows you to keep your bathroom clutter free. Think about your bathroom’s lighting scheme and make sure you have options for softer light with a dimmer switch, smart light controls, or other light sources for when you want to wind down in your master bathroom.

Large Master Bath Design


Tile is an essential component of any bathroom design, whether it is for your floor, backsplash, or a tub or tile surround. In addition to protecting surfaces from moisture, texture enhances your bathroom style with the material, shape, pattern, color, and texture. 2023 sees bolder tile combinations, brighter colors, and textures create a stir in today’s bathrooms.

  • Zellige tile has become more popular in the last few years. It is a traditional Moroccan tile that brings a unique quality to a bathroom design. These glazed handmade tiles have natural imperfections that add to their appeal. They can be installed in multiple colors that create a pattern, but current trends see a single block of color
  • Bold tile colors or combinations are also in style. If you aren’t ready to commit to an eye-catching tile tone throughout your bathroom design, consider focusing on one area like the backsplash or shower to introduce some fun into your bathroom design.
Bath Design With Tile Feature Wall

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