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Best Luxury Bath Design Ideas

We spend so much time in the bathroom, but often it’s designed primarily with function in mind. Of course, it’s important to ensure that our practical needs are catered for, but careful planning at the design stage means that some luxury is easily incorporated into a bathroom design

It’s where we get ready in the morning and unwind at night, so we should be able to do it in comfort and style. The materials and color scheme you choose are vital to obtain luxurious surroundings. How you accessorize also greatly influences the style of your bathroom remodel. Form is as important as function in a luxury bath design, so here are some top ideas for bath remodeling when you want that high-end look and feel.

Large Bathroom Vanity

A Clean Start

Before you go ahead with your bathroom remodel, declutter what you have in order to get a sense of what you need to store and how you’d like to use the space. The same applies if you have a bathroom design that needs refreshing and reorganizing. Once you have a thoroughly cleaned, empty room, take a step back and look at this blank canvas. The spa bath design trend continues to be popular this year and makes an especially luxurious retreat. A minimalist approach is a good place to start planning a sophisticated bath design. 

Guthrie Kitchen And Bath Rawls Bath Design Pleasant View 4

Clever Storage

Custom storage is one of the keys to luxurious bathroom remodeling. If you have accounted for all the bathroom necessities you need to store, then everything will be beautifully concealed and organized in your new bath design. Internal compartments and mirror-fronted medicine cabinets hide a multitude of contents in a clever way.

Zen bath design gives a calm appearance without being overly sleek. In this type of bathroom design each item is stored neatly, so niche shelves blend in with surroundings and cleansing essentials are in coordinated jars or simple soap dispensers. Toiletries and styling tools are neatly stored away in customized storage accessories in vanity drawers and cabinet pull outs leaving space for special items to be on display. If you want to draw attention to storage solutions, then go for vintage trays, baskets or ornate hardware on cabinets. Open shelving looks luxurious when curated sparsely with quality towels and scented candles. Glass shelves never fail to work in a bathroom design, reflecting light and suiting any style.

Guthrie Kitchen And Bath Bellenger Bath Design Springfield, Tn 8 Blue Master Bathroom With Niche

Stunning Vanities

Bathroom vanities are knocking it out of the park in recent times. No longer are vanities just for storage and applying make-up. Smart vanities can be a luxurious and modern addition to your bath remodel. Touchscreen and voice-controlled mirrors let you control the lighting in your bathroom design and connect to the internet for music, movies, shopping and more. These mirrors won’t mist up either as they are heated.

Marble countertops for your bathroom vanity are an elegant option that brings undoubted luxury to your bathroom remodel. However, engineered quartz can be just as effective but in a stronger and less porous surface.

Choose a floating vanity for a sleek, spa effect or go all-out vintage with a footed, furniture-style model. Crystal doorknobs, gold faucets, and elegant drawer pulls accent the room with flair if you want this type of luxe. Go even further and accessorize with carefully chosen statues, candlesticks, and other glamorous decorative items. This style demands glamor in every aspect of the bathroom design, but don’t go overboard. Pared back luxury is understated and very effective in achieving a stylish bath design.

Guthrie Kitchen And Bath Bellenger Bath Design Springfield, Tn 6

Color Schemes

Choose color wisely when deciding on a bathroom style. Your choice of color sets the tone of your bathroom design. Blues are great for a coastal feel and shades of pastels bring calmness. However, there is nothing like grays, greens and whites for a clean, crisp effect or neutrals and browns for a spa-like feel.

Venture into the darker tones of gray and brown for walls set against white tubs and tiles. If you paint alcoves in these colors it makes your design feel larger, so they’re the perfect place to put furniture or shelving. Or go for a soothing gray vanity like this Ashland City bathroom design.

Gray Vanity Cabinet

Why not try this year’s blush pink for a subtle, warm look? If your plan is to go with a more opulent feel, then weave in some rich purple or navy, perhaps in towels, textiles or art or go for a dark accent wall set against your white freestanding tub. Richly toned, patterned wallpapers look dramatic but bear in mind they won’t contribute to a simple, relaxing design.

Accessorize It!

When accessorizing a luxury bathroom design, be careful not to overwhelm the room. Some candles, towels and flowers set the standard. You can add photos and treasured items to inject personality, but not too many as it will feel cluttered.

Add some warmth with rugs and seat cushions in neutrals or a pop of color. For the extra benefit of aromatherapy, try an oil burner with your favorite essential oils. Eucalyptus plants also release their instantly refreshing scent in heat and steam. Invest in the best quality candles, lotions and soaps possible to add to your pampering, luxury experience.

Bath Design With A Chair

Material Matters

The materials you choose for your bathroom remodel also determine the level of luxury you will get. For a spa-like retreat you should go for natural and organic materials. Stones and water features are an excellent option to bring a Zen feel. Lucky bamboo plants, surrounded by pebbles, look stunning.

Wood also brings warmth to a white or neutral bath design. Wooden floors, wall panels, tub surrounds, benches, or bathroom cabinets all invite nature into your bath remodel. Choose your wood wisely to ensure it can withstand the humidity of a bathroom or go for excellent faux wood options that are moisture resistant. Cedarwood bathmats are also stylish, as are river rock shower floors, to soothe tired feet. Underfloor heating provides further comfort and installing leak detection devices with mobile alerts gives you peace of mind.

Luxury Shower Design

Natural stone in shower and vanity countertops can’t fail to bring organic luxury to a bath remodel. Add as much nature as possible with houseplants that thrive on moisture, to give lushness and purify air. Hanging planters, vases and large pots on the floor give a feeling of tropical serenity.

Complete this lush, organic feel with soft textures in towels and robes. Why not add a towel warmer or warming drawer to be enveloped in coziness when you step out of your shower? Add padded, upholstered seating to your bath design for a decadent touch of comfort. Finally, dress windows in billowing lace or soft, roman blinds in neutral tones to add texture and style.

Top Toilets

A large part of your bathroom design budget should be spent on your fixtures. What luxury features would you like for your high-end bathroom remodel? Maybe you’re interested in motion-activated lights which illuminate the toilet at night, or bidet-style models that use temperature-controlled water and air.  There are also automatic toilet seats that are heated and antimicrobial and self-cleaning toilets that extract air through carbon filters. Some have built-in speaker systems that connect to the internet so you can relax with some music.

Fabulous Faucets

Faucets come in many styles and materials to suit your bathroom’s style. Whether gold, matte black or stainless steel, you can up the ante with smart features. Digital faucets can control water flow and temperature. LED faucets are powered by the running water to indicate the temperature with colored lights. You can pair motion sensor operated faucets with automatic soap dispensers to complete a smart, stylish vanity.

Bathroom Vanity With Seating

A Soak in the Tub

If a soak in the tub is your idea of luxury, then there are many stylish tub options that enhance your design and your relaxation.  Freestanding tubs with sleek architectural lines or ornate details are highly popular as they become a focal point of any bath design.  If space allows, include both a tub and shower in your luxurious bathroom, but in a smaller bath you can still achieve luxury with a combination tub/shower. 

Bath Design With Freestanding Tub And Glass Shower

Some tub styles are moving towards the smaller end of the spectrum to allow space for both a tub and large shower in a bath design. Japanese soaking tubs are sophisticated tubs with sitting room only but can include massage jets or mood-enhancing lighting options. If you choose a regular tub, it can have jets, thermal controls and self-disinfection systems as well as built-in speakers for the ultimate relaxing bath.

Add a feeling of opulence with a cocktail table or bath tray to hold your bath time essential and add a touch of glamor.

Stunning Showers

Showers show no sign of getting any smaller, so embrace all that’s available for a luxurious showering experience. Rainfall shower heads are a go-to for the ultimate shower like the one pictured below, while niche shelving and integrated seating provide solutions for storage and aging in place. This year’s larger tiles are perfect for spacious showers, and with fewer grout lines there’s less maintenance. There is a wealth of technological options too, such as built-in, voice-activated speakers and touchscreen interfaces to control water, steam and lighting for a multi-sensory approach.

Freestanding Bathtub And Large Shower

Light It Up

Lighting is an important element to any bathroom design. For a truly luxurious feel, you need to avoid strong, direct sources and layer your lighting plan. Chandeliers add an instant hit of grandeur and add dramatic appeal with crystal or metallic tones. Recessed lighting in the ceiling and sconces on the wall also give you options to play around with when you want to adjust your lighting. Smart lighting schemes with dimmer switches and voice-control mean you can change the feel of your bath design from the comfort of your bathtub.

Natural light is always the best to open up your bath design and maximize views, so invest in large windows to flood your new remodel with beautiful natural light and increase serotonin like our wide range of Pella Windows. Include glass shelving and shower doors to bounce the light around the room.

Alcover Tub Shower Combination

By incorporating some of these ideas into your bathroom design you are guaranteed a luxury bathroom remodel that you can be proud of and where you can relax in style. Our bathroom remodeling gallery has further inspiration for luxury designs. Contact us today to speak to an experienced bath design expert and let us guide you through our products and ideas for your unique and state-of-the-art remodel.

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