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Top Bathroom Storage Ideas

Planning a bath remodel is an exciting venture. Choosing color schemes, tiles, faucets, and light fixtures is an important job, but without sufficient storage your bath design will be difficult to maintain. Just because storage is functional, doesn’t mean it can’t also be stylish. The latest trends in storage for a bathroom remodel provide customized solutions for every storage need and enhance your style. Here are our top bathroom storage ideas that will give any remodel the wow factor and balance the practical and style elements of your bath design.

Decide Where You Need Storage

Vanity Cabinet

The vanity cabinet is the foundation of your bathroom storage. It sets the tone for your bathroom design style, provides countertop workspace, and contains storage for everything you need in the bathroom.  Add customized storage inserts to your cabinets and drawers for everything from styling tools to make up and you will never have a cluttered countertop again.
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Medicine Cabinet

The medicine cabinet has evolved well beyond the old-fashioned cabinet from your grandparents’ bathroom.  Today’s medicine cabinet is stylish and practical, mirrored, and contains valuable storage for essential medicines and other items.  It cold also be recessed, which saves on space and maintains the sleek, open appearance in your bath design.

Shower Storage

When you are enjoying a relaxing shower in your newly remodeled bathroom, you don’t want to trip over shampoo and shower gel bottles left scattered on the floor. Customized shower storage in the form of corner shelves and recessed niches provide valuable, accessible, and style-enhancing storage right where you need it, at arms-reach in the shower. 

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Maximize Space

Placing shelves in an alcove is ideal for keeping towels and items you’d like to display. Tall cabinets elongate the wall and add vertical storage to your bathroom design, but make sure they’re still accessible. Floating shelves can be placed anywhere you need extra storage or space to display decorative items.

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Hooks and Rails

Place plenty of hooks and rails for robes and towels near the tub and shower. Heated towel rails make the room cozy, as well as keeping your towels neat as they dry.


Customized storage ensures you have a perfect compartment for everything in your decluttered bath remodel. However, there are still things you need at hand. Baskets and boxes that suit your style are ideal to store essentials like toilet paper and towels. Glass jars and containers made of anything from wire to wicker can take a whole host of essentials, bringing character and texture to your bath design.

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Add Style to Your Storage Solutions


Spa Style

Relaxing, spa-style bath design is still a huge trend. The look focuses on luxe fixtures and fittings with a sleek, crisp feel to the rest of the decor. The open and airy feel of a spa style design welcomes floating shelving for fluffy towels and flickering candles. Glass front cabinets also fit in very well here. A touch of opulence with an upholstered storage bench would work very well in this chic style bath design.


Scandi chic is on the rise, but natural materials and in particular wood enhance any style bath remodel. Wooden shelving, vanities and medicine cabinets warm up a white or grey bath design. Shades of wood range from natural or bleached to deep walnut or ebony. Using a wooden ladder as shelving is also a cute way of bringing character to your design.

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Timeless vintage looks such as old school steel framed cabinets and antique-style hardware are all a stylish nod to the past. Go art deco with glass and gold shelving or a delicate gold cocktail table for candles and a glass of wine as you bathe. These design touches add a sophisticated edge to your remodel.

Take a look at our project gallery for further bathroom design inspiration and contact us today. Our team of design experts can start you on your journey to your achieving your dream bath remodel.

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