Top 10 Tips to Accessorize Your Bath Design

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We know that kitchen and bath design is more than selecting cabinetry and countertops. Designing and remodeling your home is about family dinners, holiday entertaining, and quiet coffee mornings. It is about combining form and function in a home living space. Get inspired by browsing our recently completed projects.

Remodeling your bathroom lets you create a luxurious space where you can relax and unwind. Proper planning with a design consultant means you can maximize storage and functionality. Quality materials are also important to the success of a bath remodel, as they should be durable and enhance your bathroom design aesthetic.

The style you embrace also helps to decide what fixtures and fittings to choose, as well as decorative items to give your space a personal touch. Putting together a bath design is more than installing essential elements. Your completed bathroom remodel truly represents your style and reaches its full potential when accessorized to a high standard. Where do you begin in creating a stylish bath remodel that is the ultimate in functional elegance? Let us take you through our top tips to accessorize your bath design.

Bath Design With A Chair

1.Find Your Style

Figure out what style you want for your bath design. What encapsulates your personality? Do you like a classic look or something edgier? The style of your bath remodel should complement the rest of your interior design by reflecting elements of your home’s style with similar colors and lines. A cohesive look throughout your home means your bath design becomes a continuation of your living spaces and you can accessorize easily to suit your taste. It will also transcend pure functionality and be a place where you can truly relax and feel at home.

Large Shower Design

2. Lighten the Mood

When it comes to remodeling a bathroom, lighting is of utmost importance. It can mean the difference between tripping as you make your way to the shower, putting on makeup incorrectly, or just not being able to relax due to lighting being too bright or dim. The wrong type of lighting can affect your mood and distort your reflection.

Choose warm-toned, energy-efficient LED bulbs to give you and your bath design a much-needed glow. Statement lighting is on trend for bathroom design, so why not put an oversized drum pendant or chandelier over your tub? Brass sconces add vintage glamor over a vanity. Exposed bulbs are still in vogue and very chic. Backlighting a mirror gives it a floating effect and emphasizes the texture of the wall around it. You can also uplight a tub or illuminate the contents of shelving. Whatever type of lighting and fixtures you decide on, they can be changed over time, so be brave in your choices.

Master Bath With Freestanding Tub

3. Look at Your Surroundings

 You must take your room’s lighting into consideration when planning how to accessorize walls. Lighting directly impacts how color appears on your walls and serves to highlight decorative accessories. Light colors give the illusion of space in a bathroom design, but dark shades envelop you in comfort and richness for a luxury style bathroom. Consider painting the ceiling of your remodel a more intense version of your main color scheme or something entirely different. You can inject pops of color by painting the wall space behind open shelves. Whatever colors you choose, invest in special bathroom paint that is water and mildew resistant. Go wild with patterned wallpaper and hang art and interesting mirrors to liven up your wall and give depth and texture.

Shower With Subway Tile Wall

4. Double Your Space

It’s a practical necessity to include at least one mirror in your bath design. As well as being useful, they create the illusion of more space as they reflect light around the room. The larger your mirror, the larger your newly remodeled space feels. Why not place one large mirror over his-and-hers sinks instead of two individual ones?

The style of the mirror you choose also must reflect the overall look of the bath design. A heavy, wooden framed mirror would suit a rustic design, or an art-deco shape fits perfectly with a vintage style bath remodel. A backlit mirror creates a floating effect, but it also eliminates glare and is ideal to leave on as a nightlight. A mirror-fronted medicine cabinet looks stylish and increases your available storage without taking up a lot of extra space in your design footprint.

Increasing use of technology in bath design has led to innovations such as anti-misting mirrors that double as touch screen devices. Incorporating everything from voice control to concealed outlets means that not only are you accessorizing for appearance, but for ease of functionality.

Master Bath Vanity Cabinet

5. Choose a Color Scheme

Classic white bathrooms never go out of fashion. It’s also easy to accessorize a white color scheme. You can go for a vintage vibe with brass fittings and a clawfoot tub or a spa design with dark wood accents. Other colors can bring warmth to a bath design without overwhelming it. Blush shades of pink or coral are still on trend and offer a welcoming atmosphere. Blue is always a good choice for a bathroom, since it is reminiscent of coastal retreats. Green makes a space feel lush and fresh and can be used on surfaces such as painted walls or tile or represented in plants in your bath remodel.

Bath Design Vanity

6. Accessorize with Tiles

Tiles have always been popular in bathroom design due to their durability and timeless style. Modern tiles are more dramatic and come in amazing shapes, textures, and patterns. Large-format tiles mean there is less grout to maintain, and they can be laid out in unusual ways for a contemporary feel. Try investing in luxury tiles for your shower enclosure. It makes a big impact in a concentrated space. Tiles can be used on countertops and backsplashes as well as floors and walls, so the possibilities are endless.

Bath Design With Tile Feature Wall

7. Consider Your Hardware

Closed storage units, such as your vanity, are an integral part of your bath remodel’s style. The material, color and finish of the cabinet doors set the tone of your bathroom design. However, adding hardware can take everything up a notch. Your cabinet style, countertop edge, lighting fixtures and faucets should be consistent with the lines that you choose, whether straight or curved. Finishes should either match throughout your space, or else be selected in complementary tones. For example, brushed nickel works well with most other types of hardware, but chrome really only goes with black, white, bronze or pewter finishes. Ceramic knobs come in any color or design for vintage charm. Whether you want knobs or sleek bar pulls, try them in your hand before you invest to make sure they feel comfortable. Light fixtures, towel bars, faucets, toilet paper holders and shower heads can all enliven a room, especially against sleek cabinetry and in mixed metals for a chic, eclectic look.

Master Bath Design Vanity

8. Make Your Tub the Star of the Show

A freestanding tub by a window makes a stunning focal point for your bath design. However, any tub can be accessorized to become the center of your bath remodel. Install uplighting with voice-activated controls to let you change the color of LED lights as you bathe, so you can choose an ambience to suit your mood. If your tub is alongside a wall, then use niche storage to keep luxury bathing essentials such as bath salts and candles. Flowers and plants can sit on wide ledges around a tub. Stylish bath caddies are also ideal to hold washcloths and loofahs. Placing a cocktail table or simple stool alongside your tub creates the perfect place to rest a book or glass of wine on. Finally, consider a warm hardwood bathmat to step out onto instead of a damp, bunched up rug. The area around your tub should look welcoming and stylish.

Bath Design With Freestanding Tub

9. Plan Aesthetic Storage

Storage maintains the clutter-free appearance of a new remodel and lets all your design details including stylish accessories shine. It’s important to consider what your storage will look like. Closed storage lets you accessorize with hardware but provides no scope to display contents. Add some open custom storage to your bath design to hold and show off chic containers, ornaments and attractive essentials.  Floating shelving, cubbies, baskets, niche shelving and glass-front cabinets are all ways to store what you need and what you’d like to display. Curate the contents of your open storage so it doesn’t descend into clutter. Avoid overcrowding by keeping groups to less than five items on a shelf. Include colors and textures to bring warmth and interest to your design. Keep your shelf contents clean and dust free to maximize the impact of these bathroom accessories.

Guthrie Kitchen And Bath Rawls Bath Design Pleasant View 4

10. Add Softness with Textiles

Accessorizing a bath remodel brings warmth and texture as well as color and interest. Textiles add all of these aspects to a design. The quality of the textiles you choose dictates the level of luxury, so invest in the best products you can. Quality towels are a must, so replace any old ones. Go for towels with a deep pile in shades to complement your color scheme and display them either neatly folded on shelving or rolled in baskets, depending on their size.

Blinds and drapes also give a soft elegance to windows. If you include a shower curtain, choose one in a bold color or pattern to either stand out or else pick up on a motif in your bathroom design so it blends in neatly to your color scheme. Current trends lean towards organic materials so look at neutral or muted tones in items like lampshades, trash baskets, containers and mats and focus on their calming textures.

Bath Design Vanity Cabinet

Accessorizing your bath design makes it truly individual and expresses your personal style. It also brings warmth and depth and can increase functionality. Luxurious touches make your bath remodel into a place where you want to spend time relaxing. Contact us today and we can guide you through the myriad of possibilities when accessorizing a bath design.

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