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Essentials for a Master Bath Remodel

A bathroom design is a functional place that should also be a beautiful space to relax in. This is especially true of a master bath, where you can create a spa-like experience. Whether you’re planning to remodel an existing bathroom or building from scratch, there are elements you can incorporate to ensure your master bathroom is the perfect luxury retreat.

A toilet, sink, shower and/or tub are the basic requirements but there are many options available in fixtures, finishes, and accessories to amp up your bathroom remodel. You can invest in high-quality materials and customize any aspect of your master bath design.

Once you have decided on the fundamental components, you can tweak them for a bathroom design that’s unique to you and suits your requirements. Read on to find out about our essentials for a master bath remodel.

Shower With Multiple Showerheads


A vanity is an important part of any bathroom design. It provides storage and counter space and contributes to the style of the design. In a large master bathroom design, a double vanity is an ideal solution to the problem of more than one person getting ready together in the mornings.

Each person can have their own sink, counterspace, and storage underneath. Include plenty of drawer and cabinet space to keep countertops as clear as possible. Custom organization is the key to efficient storage and keeping styling tools and cords tucked away for easy access. Combine this with a natural stone or quartz countertop, undermount sink, and a sleek floating vanity for the ultimate in spa-style chic.

Bath Design Vanity Cabinet


Touchless faucets are the best way of maintaining the finish you have chosen for your sink hardware and reducing the spread of germs. By manually turning on a faucet, you are transferring dirt onto the handle and making more work for you in maintaining your bath remodel. A touchless faucet can be used many times each day without the need for being wiped clean. It’s an investment that brings a touch of luxury as well as practicality to your master bath design.


A combination of open and closed storage is the best way to keep everything close at hand without cluttering your bathroom design. Niche shower storage, as well as cabinets and open shelving, all work together to store everything from towels to beauty products.

Mcrae Bath Design Nashville 5_Web

A medicine cabinet is ideal for keeping certain items stored more securely. Other toiletries and styling tools can be kept in closed cabinet storage with customized accessories and even built-in plugs and charging points.

Decide what you want to display and do so in a curated way to avoid clutter, keeping smaller items in containers that suit the style of your bath design. Baskets or wooden crates add texture and can store essentials such as toilet paper or cleaning products. If you’re including seating in your master bath remodel, try some with storage included. An upholstered bench with space inside would be comfortable and functional.

Catling Bath Design Pleasant View 1_Web


Include a walk-in closet adjacent to your bath design for the ultimate stress-free mornings. Ideally design your closet large enough for two people so each has their own space to get dressed. Custom storage keeps clothes and shoes perfectly organized. If you have more space available, then why not factor in some seating or an area to iron and fold laundry? Include everything you want in a custom closet design with a dressing area and a design expert can make it work alongside your master bath remodel.     


Tiled floors are practical and come in many finishes but can often be cold underfoot. Include underfloor heating at the planning stage of your bathroom remodel for a luxurious and practical touch. This type of heating also warms up other floor surfaces from linoleum to natural stone. As well as making your bath design more comfortable, it is more energy efficient than other types of heating and reduces moisture in a master bathroom design so worth making that initial investment.

Bathroom With Tile Floor


Freestanding tubs are dedicated to providing you with valuable soaking time as well as giving a focal point to your bath design. Your tub should ideally be placed next to a window, possibly on a platform for you to take in the view. If your master bath is on the smaller side, there is still a stylish, freestanding tub to suit your needs.

There are a range of styles available from intricate clawfoot models to sleek, flat-bottomed tubs. Japanese soaking tubs are small but chic and fit almost any space. If you can’t decide on a tub model, then a transitional style could be the answer as it fits most bathroom design aesthetics. Whatever you choose, a freestanding tub opens up a bath design and encourages you to relax in its elegant surrounds.         

Bellenger Bath Design Springfield 3_Web


You can also maximize your showering experience in your new master bathroom design. Spa-style bathrooms are ranking high in today’s interior trends. Upgrade your current shower to an open, wet-room style. Include an extra-large shower with ample storage, built-in seating, and two shower heads to save time in the morning. You can still include a freestanding tub in this design if you have the space. The big advantage of a wet room is there is no lip on the shower enclosure, making them ideal for a universal, accessible bathroom design. Opt for a quality, natural stone or porcelain tiled floor with a linear drain to avoid installing a shower door.

Shower With Multiple Showerheads


While not immediately apparent, a strong ventilation system is essential to how a bathroom functions. It removes excess moisture and stale air from the atmosphere, protecting your walls and making it a much nicer place to be. You should choose a system powered with one cubic foot per minute (CFM) for each square foot of space. Most models don’t get noisier as they get more powerful, maintaining your bath design’s relaxing feel.    


The toilet is a vital component of your master bath remodel. It’s a functional element that can be upgraded to be as stylish and luxurious as you want. Toilets can have heated seats that rise up and water that cleanses at your preferred temperature and pressure. The bowl can be illuminated at night as you approach and then flush automatically and spritz air freshener as you leave. Your toilet can even play music if you so desire. A wall-hung style is sleek and streamlined but also easier to clean, giving easy access to all sides and the floor. If you are often in your master bath with your partner and would like additional privacy, then factor in an enclosure around the toilet. A curved wall of glass bricks would look stylish and give enough privacy without breaking up your bath remodel. Or go for more privacy with a half wall or even a separate toilet compartment.                                                                


Natural light is the key to a bright and calming bathroom, so incorporate windows, skylights, and as much glass as possible into your bath design to achieve the desired result. A layered lighting plan is as important in your master bath design as any other room. Create a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting to maximize both functionality and style.

Master Bath Design Vanity

Mirrors are central to a master bathroom, as you need a good mirror to style hair, apply makeup, and shave. Lighting around mirrors is useful for applying makeup and also makes a space seem larger as the light is reflected around the room. Lights behind a mirror create a floating effect, while LED lighted mirrors eliminate shadows.

Recessed lights give even coverage throughout the bathroom design and work well alongside a pendant light or chandelier over a tub. This combination of sconces, recessed, and decorative lighting provides a good lighting balance. Dimmer switches or even voice-controlled lighting ensures that the right level of lighting is achievable at any time, whether you are getting ready for a night out or relaxing in the bathtub. Automatic lights are an energy-saving choice, turning off when you leave the room.


Consider your countertop material carefully. A high-end countertop instantly takes any bath design from average to luxurious. If you invest in a quality material, you are getting a classic and durable countertop that is generally easier to clean. It will stand the test of time and keep your master bath looking its best. Quartz is ideal for a bathroom design countertop, but granite concrete, or solid surface are also reliable countertop materials. You can experiment with colors that pop or blend with your bath design. From solid surface to enameled lava, there is an impressive countertop to suit your style and budget.

Master Bath Design


After you have chosen the main elements of your bath remodel, it’s important to put thought into the accessories to make the whole bathroom design come together. The right accessory also makes your bathroom experience more luxurious, so don’t forget to include them in your overall plan. Obvious, but often overlooked, essentials include a toilet paper holder, robe hook, and towel bars or rings. Go for lines and finishes that enhance your bathroom design and in a material that ties in with the rest of your master bath design’s hardware.

Underfloor heating is advantageous but complete the feeling of warmth by installing a heated towel rack so you can start your day in luxury. We’ve mentioned a medicine cabinet but take it a step further with a smart medicine cabinet. It can have built-in LED lighting, dimmer, de-mister, magnifying mirror, a USB port and even a smart screen to catch up on the news as you brush your teeth.

When you are designing your ultimate master bath, there are so many essential elements and extras that go into creating your tailor-made sanctuary. At Guthrie Kitchen & Bath Plus we can provide everything you need for your home remodeling project, from top quality products to custom designs and more. Contact us today to discuss a master bath remodel. Our bath design experts are experienced professionals who will listen to your requirements, show you what’s possible, and walk you through every step of the design and remodeling process.

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