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Design 101: A Guide to Kitchen and Bath Styles

Are you thinking of remodeling your kitchen or bathroom? It’s an exciting process with so many options available, but how do you narrow them down to what’s right for you? You must first decide on a look that expresses your style and works well with the rest of your interior design.

Find a style that is modern but won’t date too quickly. You may want to be on trend, but also express your individual style. Your final design must also balance functional and aesthetic demands. 

Where do you start to achieve the best kitchen or bath design for your requirements and taste? It’s important to choose a style that you want for your new design and visualize the finished product. Keep this design vision in mind as you create your layout and storage and choose each element of your project.

Establishing a style for your kitchen or bath remodel makes it easier to decide on everything from faucets to flooring. Each component comes in different styles and finishes, and you can go for one or mix them for an eclectic look. Consider the functionality you require, and balance this with color, texture, pattern, and decorative preferences to find the perfect choice for your design.

Kitchen Island With Barstools

Don’t feel overwhelmed, as we’re here to help. With years of experience in kitchen and bath design, we can advise you on everything from cabinet designs to accessories.  Start planning your new home design with our guide to kitchen and bath styles.

The first step in creating your ideal home design is to design a floor plan that meets your style and functionality needs.

Your Floor Plan

Kitchens and bathrooms are busy spaces, so a bath or kitchen design must be functional first and foremost. The foundation of your room’s functionality is the layout, as it allows you to maximize storage and create an efficient design. If you choose a style that just won’t work with your existing floor plan, you may be able to alter or expand your layout, but you will add to your budget. However, if changing your layout significantly enhances your design, then it would be a wise investment.

What are the basic types of kitchen and bath floor plans?

Kitchens designed along two walls are L-Shaped, while U-Shaped layouts are positioned along three walls. A Galley kitchen is installed along two opposing walls in a long, typically narrow space. You could also position appliances and storage side-by-side in a One-Wall layout. Peninsula kitchens create extra counter and storage space extending out from another countertop or wall, while a kitchen design with an island focuses on one or two islands for extra storage, work space, and seating.

Large Kitchen Design

Bathrooms start with the full bath layout, which plumbs a sink, toilet, shower, and tub, while a three-quarter bath omits the tub. A versatile bath design places a shower and tub opposite a toilet and sink. In a large bathroom design, you can create a customized layout to suit your space and requirements with a freestanding tub, double vanity, large shower, and more.

Master Bath Design

Now that you have created the perfect layout, select a style that enhances your home’s design aesthetic.

Coastal Style

This style works well in kitchen or bath remodels because it focuses on the sea and all that goes with it, including nautical tones and beach vibes. White and neutrals work well here as they are bright and breezy and let you put the focus on different organic textures. Rope, pebbles, reclaimed wood, and rattan are some of the materials you can include in your coastal design. Natural stone is an ideal component too.

Navy is the obvious color counterpart to introduce, especially in contrast to white in cabinets or islands, paired with brass hardware. Tropical and pastel colors also work well with this look. A sunset orange or lime green for accessories can be incorporated for a more relaxed coastal design.

The Craftsman Style

If you want a unique style that focuses on well-crafted pieces, then consider a craftsman style kitchen or bath design. The materials you use should be of the highest quality possible to let them shine through and express your style. The craftsman movement itself was formed in response to mass production during and after the industrial revolution.

Examples of this style include hardwood floors, stone countertops, and large windows, sometimes with accents of stained glass. Including reading nooks and alcove shelves filled with art and books is a real nod to this style of interior.

It doesn’t work with vibrant colors so keep your palette to muted gray, green, beige, and white. This also puts the focus on the furniture and fixtures themselves, so choose items that are well made and stand out from the crowd.

Wood Finish Cabinetry

Contemporary Style

Contemporary design is a more minimalist look. It also focuses on a clean, uncluttered aesthetic but incorporates current trends from other styles. A contemporary style must avoid anything that makes it too busy, so keep your color scheme to two colors. Any more than that can overwhelm your space. It’s also important to include strong, but few, focal points and keep accessories to a minimum. Just enough makes your design individual, but too many can throw your look into disarray.

Wall Hanging Bath Vanity

Traditional Style

Traditional kitchen and bath design harks back to a time when intricate detail was at the heart of home decor. It calls for embellishment and richness in the main elements of your bath or kitchen design while taking nature as inspiration. Colors that appear in the natural world are incorporated, such as wood tones and calming neutrals like brown and beige. Natural materials are perfect in traditional style kitchens and bathroom designs. Natural stone countertops, vessel sinks, and wall slabs are stunning, as are wooden floors or floating shelves. Introducing carvings in crown molding or corbels and details such as intricate light fixtures or cabinet hardware is a good counterbalance that completes a traditional remodel.

Large Master Bath Design

Transitional Style

What if you feel that you like some, but not all, elements of traditional or contemporary design? Transitional style could be what you’re looking for. It combines both styles to focus on comfort and simplicity. This look calls for serene grays or other neutrals with organic textures and minimal accessorizing. It takes your lifestyle requirements into account and ensures that you have functionality, comfort, and the latest trends. This style uses sleeker versions of traditional pieces while retaining their age-old feel. Shaker cabinets are a good example of a transitional style as they appear traditional but work in a sleek kitchen or bath design.

Kitchen Island

Modern Style

The modernist movement dates back to the early twentieth century. It valued minimalism above all else. A modern style kitchen or bath design has strong, clean lines, whether curved or angular. It is functional, stylish, and never cluttered. Because the focus is so clearly on the design, you need to invest in quality materials. Keep fuss to a minimum with a sleek cabinet style, like a slab door style. Sinks, toilets, and vanities should be wall-hung for ultra-low maintenance. Modern design is calm, so keep to a simple color palette, one that is preferably neutral.

Industrial Style

If functionality is of ultimate importance and you want to incorporate this into the overall visual effect, then look no further than an industrial style kitchen or bath design. It marries function and form with edginess.

To achieve this look, go for exposed plumbing and brick walls in an unapologetic nod to industry. Key materials are concrete, stainless steel, and brick. It’s a warehouse aesthetic that seeks balance with smooth white ceramics or sleek matt black hardware. Filament light bulbs and organic materials like linen or leather add richness to a potentially stark backdrop. Strong lines and sleek touches such as steel shelving or hairpin bar stools keep this look structured yet interesting.

Rustic Style

This is another look that uses raw, edgy materials but it is distinctly warmer in tone. Rustic style kitchens and bathroom designs use natural materials but in warm textures and colors. Rich copper and animal hide styles add texture and tone. Think lived in, without being worn. Go for an earthy feel with live edge wooden countertops or tables and include iron or distressed leather. The distressed look is key, and this also means distressed cabinetry and brushed finishes on faucets or cabinet hardware. Matte or gloss surfaces don’t fit into a rustic style remodel.

Kitchen Design With Chimney Hood

Mediterranean Style

Mediterranean interiors look to the sun-soaked Mediterranean coast for its inspiration. They favor traditional materials such as natural wood, stone, ceramics, and brick to achieve the right look. Exposed beams, large wooden tables and bright ceramic or terracotta tiles are perfect in a Mediterranean kitchen or bath remodel. It’s a classic Spanish look that needs a lot of color so use whitewashed walls as a backdrop and include blues, warm yellows, and oranges to evoke a feeling of sunny climes. 

Eclectic Style

Choosing the best aspects of your preferred styles gives you your own eclectic style. It’s tailored to serve your specific needs and taste. Pick a theme that you can keep in mind when choosing textures, colors, patterns, fixtures, and fittings. Keep to a minimalist approach with strong, clean lines and above all, ensure you have adequate storage to avoid clutter. Once you have a cohesive theme for your kitchen or bath design, this eclectic style becomes your own.

Bath Design With Tile Feature Wall

Contact us at Guthrie Kitchen & Bath Plus to discuss your kitchen or bath remodeling requirements. We have the finest quality products and can create a custom design to suit your needs and style.

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